Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 3 - Me Vs Skirt Steak

Today was a tough day. When on a challenge or something you want to keep pressing because you want to win. However when trying to lose weight, and get healthier your body needs a rest. Today for lunch I walked around a mile with a slow pace, just walking nothing else. For lunch I ate the left overs from last night. This was around 8 oz of meat and some romaine lettuce and the other fixings. Before dinner I walked to the store and this ended up being close to 2 miles. My tracker got messed up due to walking in the store and walking out. It got confused.

For dinner I was grilling the dreaded skirt steak. I can cook anything else well on the grill. Fish, Chicken, Ribeyes, Flank steak, but me and skirt steak do not get along. I marinated it in some citrus juice,tamari and seasonings for about 6 hours today. I throw it on the grill when it got to 450. Should be perfect right? I go in to fix the mashed cauliflower and I look outside and my grill is on fire. Full on blazes. Something in the grease trap had caught on fire and spread up there. The damn skirt steak was a little charred on one side, the other side was fine. It turned out ok and had great flavor, but if it was cooked perfectly it would've rocked the house! Ohwell next time skirt steak, next time! (in a dr claw voice)

Here is my food log today. I did much better eating more, lots of protein and fats and you can see recurring things. I like to make a big meal on Sunday so that I can munch on it through out the week. The worst feeling is coming home from work and not being able to eat anything because nothing is cooked. Tomorrow is gym day. Back and Tri's. 

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  1. Well, not every skirt steak can be perfect but at least you salvaged it.