Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 4 - Date Night

One of the many temptations that I have is date night. We go out to eat while my wife's father watches the baby. It's our night sanity and a night for us to reconnect without any hinderances in our way. We have been on a strict budget and a very special treat was handed to us tonight. Extra money for date night. This basically meant upgrade from a bbq joint to a nice restaurant lol. We decided to go to papasito's. This place in my opnion has the best fajitas ever. We get there and to my surprise they were willing to substitute the carbage of rice and beans to grilled veggies. Winner!

Today for a workout I did back and tri's. I am going to switch to a more conventional approach next week do to the fact that my bi's were still sore from monday and it left me unable to give my all during back day.

Lat Pulldowns 12 reps 120 lbs, 10 reps 120 lbs, 8 reps 140 lbs
Seated Cable rows 3 sets of 10 at 120 lbs
Iso lateral seated rows 3 sets of 8 with 90 lbs on each side
Tricep pushdowns with rope 3 sets of 10 at 60 lbs
Workout cut short due to time limits

Then i walked for 1.30 miles today after work. 

Tomorrow I am deciding if I want to do sprints or legs.  

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