Friday, July 20, 2012

Be Careful When You Eat out!

Oh it's been nice, I took a couple of days off to rest a bit. I only did some walking yesterday and the day before. My back had been twinged so I gave it a rest. Today I am going to hit the gym  and do the dreaded leg day (dun dun dun)! My mother flew into town (her arms must be tired!) yesterday and so it has been nice having her around.

So naturally we went out to eat for dinner. We went to a cajun place so this meant LOTS of seafood. I decided on a parmesan encrusted flounder with steamed broccoli. In my mind, when you encrust something in parmesan, that's pretty much all you use. I know when I do it, I use the parmesan powder and grated cheese, just a foreshadow here. The usual comes out bread, and cornbread, I passed of course. I get my fish and it looks magnificent, a giant piece of fish covered in parmesan cheese. I start eating it and it was as awesome as it looked. I get just about done with it and notice what it's encrusted with. I look at it and it looks a batter of some sort. I thought to myself "no way there is flour on this, it says parmesan encrusted!" So I finish it and leave some of the coating. Well I ask the waiter and he comes back with "Oh it has parmesan cheese, italian bread crumbs, eggs and milk" DAMNIT. Well lesson learned! What you cook and have in your mind isn't always what a restaurant has in mind. It's better to be that annoying customer asking questions, than to be sorry about what you ate. Luckily this wasn't too bad of a thing and I just took it as a treat.

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