Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 23 - Calories!

I have been eating  too little lately, so I tried to figure out a way to get some in today. My wife made me a different breakfast with the same things that I usually do, and added some cheese to it. It was not only delicious but upped my calories a little bit. For lunch, well I kind of failed at that point. Tried to eat as much as I could but just didn't have the time to do so.

So for dinner, I found this paleo type of sausage called Aidell's Andouille sausage. Here is what's in this sausage: INGREDIENTS: PORK, WATER, SALT, SPICES (INCLUDING RED,WHITE AND BLACK PEPPER), GARLIC, SUGAR, PAPRIKA, CELERY POWDER AND DEHYDRATED ONION. Winner!

So I made a whole bunch of vegetables and roasted it with the sausage. This turned out great! The only problem is, with 1 serving of this, I was only at 1700 calories again. So I did what anyone would do. Eat another serving 2 hours later. :) I rocked my calories today, as it was right around the mark it should.

This was day 2 without coffee. I have to admit, I am in a better mood, but today I wasn't as energized. I did have some energy from the Tea I drank, but other than that, I was a little flat. I still managed to get in a sprinting workout at the park, and took Natalie back to the same park at night. I ended up doing around 2.50 miles.

Tomorrow is weigh-in and measurement day and marks the end of the 24-day challenge. I feel like I did as well as I could have with the cheats and things that got in the way, and if I am in the 240s, I 'll be happy.

So what's after the 24 day challenge? Well  I don't really know fitness wise. I know my wife's birthday is coming up and I'll have family in town this weekend, so I may let loose just a little bit, but I am sticking to it. I will continue to blog about it and next week, I plan on starting a food cost series. My main question that I get is "Is this diet expensive?" Well I'll blog about it. I am going to take the total's from each meal and add that up and compare with things from restaurants and fast food places.

Here is my food log for the day:

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