Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 7 - Whoopsy Daisy

Have you ever gotten that call from someone (in this case it was my wife) where someone is in need? Well let me tell you. I absolutely HATE moving furniture. I don't like moving my own, I especially don't like to move anyone elses, but if there is someone in need, I'll usually help. The person who I am doing this challenge against had come across some bad times. On his vacation, he had to drive home to find black mold in his apartment. So we had to help him move a few things out and throw a few things out. So that was my activity today. I felt bad for him because a lot of his personal stuff was ruined. I know I would be devastated, but you keep on moving.

Today's food...Well I got my....well crap. I ate WAY too many calories today. Maybe this is a good thing since I had been eating too little and feeling sluggish in the evenings, but this was crazy. All foods were "paleo-fied" but still it can creep up on you when you're using the paleo comfort food cookbook.

Breakfast was the pretty much the usual, Eggs, bacon and today some natural sausage that I tossed in for caloric sake. For lunch I had a double burger (NO BUN OF COURSE) and some guac, again for caloric purposes. Dinner we had a special birthday dinner for my Uncle (in law i guess) James. He is a celiac trooper, so we usually eat a lot of the same things. He made the paleo meatloaf with turkey this time, and we made a few side dishes. My wife made an amazing dessert of peach blueberry cobbler, that was delicious.

Here is how my calories shaked out today. Keep in mind the paleo meat loaf was with turkey, instead of ground beef, so it isn't that bad, but never hurts to over estimate.

To update a few things. Yesterday after I posted this, I ended up eating 2 eggs and an Applegate farms hot dog. Yes it's a hot dog, but they use grass fed beef and natural ingredients. It's a very good treat! So you can add 290 calories to yesterdays total.

Tomorrow I will be headed to Lubbock. I will do some walking but for the most part it is going to be my first rest day, I will enjoy driving. I will still post though!

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