Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 13 - Midterms...Wait....

Today was the mid challenge weigh in! I woke up this morning, and did some fasted cardio to try to shed any water weight I was holding from this weekend. I did my walk to the park and did my sprints. It was extra hot today to me, as I was in West Texas for 5 days and not used to the humidity. It felt like I imagine being stuck in some hot soup. I went 1.66 miles according to endomondo. I rushed the to gym so I could grab my weight..My weight is.....

Well I was informed by my competitor that we will do the weigh ins on Monday instead of today since he is out of town. So all of that for nothing lol.

My day of food was pretty much non existent. At the time of typing this at 10:23 pm, I had only had around 1200 calories. So I decided to go for some eggs and bacon for a late snack. This still didn't give me enough protein or calories, but I can't do a thing about that now.

Tomorrow is the dreaded leg day along with some relaxation and house cleaning with the family. 

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