Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 19 - Last Stretch

Today starts the final stretch of this 24 day challenge, and it has been a fun one. This challenge gave me a new sense of goals and kind of revitalized my passion for working out and nutrition. I think a lot of the people who read this blog can also see that. I ,like everyone else, have my ups and downs, but I keep going and that's what everyone needs to learn when embarking on a fitness goal.

I have to speak up on being a little bit flattered. This passed week, I have had several inquiries to me about what Paleo is and how they can get started. They see that I have lost 40+ pounds thus far and want to do the same things. This is very exciting to me as I get help others do what I have been doing.

My wife has even jumped on the fitness wagon. She starts her journey to get six pack abs. She is going to change her diet and work out toward that goal, and I love that. Ultimately I hope that we can go to the gym together and do active things as a family.

Today I had the same breakfast. I actually ate 1 less egg, because my daughter stole one lol. I had a post workout meal of grilled chicken breast and half of a sweet potato. For dinner we decided to do something a bit different. I baked some hot wings with the wing sauce that had hardly any added garbage, and my wife roasted some veggies.

I hit right about where I wanted to on my calories and carbs and everything. Today's workout was back and bi's here is how that went:

Lat Pulldowns: 13 x 120lbs 6 x 140 lbs, 4 x 170lbs
T Bar Row: 10 x 45 lbs, 8 x 90 lbs, 8 x 90 lbs
One arm dumbbell rows 8 x 55 lbs each side 2 sets
Standing Curls 5 x 70 lbs, 6 x 60 lbs, 6 x 50 lbs
Seated preacher curls 6 x 55, 6 x 55

Not too bad, went a little heavier but felt as though my biceps still aren't catching up with my back. I feel great though, lots of energy during the day and ready to tackle tomorrow!

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