Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 16 - Losing 50 lbs by cutting sugar

Day 16 was filled with being hungry....all damn day long. I woke up and had my usual. 4 eggs and 4 bacon. This usually satisfies me pretty well, but I added what was left of those paleo panckes, which was around a full pancake. I noticed before I even hit the gym I was starving. This was the them all day long.

My workout was pretty dang awesome. I have a ton more energy and am getting stronger with every workout. Here is how it shaked out:

Bench Press 12 x 135 lbs, 10 x 185 lbs, 7 x 210 lbs
Cable Flies 8 x 30 lbs each side super set with 8 pushups, 6 x 30 ss with 6 pushups
include 2 sets of 7 at 155 lbs (was to failure each time)
Tricep pushups : 3 sets of 15
Crunches with 20 lb weight 1 set of 20, 1 set of 15, 1 set of 8

My muscles are getting used to the workouts and I even started adding some new things in. The reason why I backed off of triceps a bit was because they were struggling through the incline presses and after the bench press.

After the gym, I wanted to eat my arm off. I also didn't have any sweet potatoes setup or a post workout meal. So I hit the local BBQ shop and ordered 8 oz of turkey and a baked white potato. Usually these are frowned upon in the paleo community but I needed something. I only ate a third of it and realized I didn't even get that many carbs.

While at the BBQ I talked to the lady. She looked at me funny when I said no sauce and no bread, I then made a comment of "Yeah I am eating a bit healthy today". She responded with the dumbest thing that I have heard this year...and I quote...

"Yeah my husband does all of that. He lost 60 lbs just by cutting sugar! He start off around 250 and is now around 190 lbs, He did it in a week!"

It took everything in my will power not to either slap the lady for being stupid or to laugh until I peed my pants. It's people like that, that keep the world going because it gives us normal folks something to laugh at lol!

After I got home from the gym and work and all of that. I was absolutely hungry again. So I decided to grill a rib eye steak and some veggies with spinach pesto. It ended up being around 7 ounces of steak and 2 cups of veggies. I thought for sure this would hold me over. WRONG. Within two hours I was starving again, and made a burger a couple of hours before bed. I guess me eating too little calories has caught up with me!

This post is day lot, but definitely not a dollar short. I'll be posting Day 17 today.

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